Legion fanart

Today was crazy. My dog had dental surgery, I had a doctor's appointment, I had to pick up and prep prints to mail. It's one of those days where I'm driving a lot, out of the house a lot, and not making much art, which can feel upsetting but... you know, it happens. I did find time to get a sketch done, and I caught up on the most recent episode of Legion, so I thought I'd do a piece about the show. 

General update

I'ts been a minute. I have so much to get done lately sometimes it feels like I'm drowning. I've hit the third trimester, which means baby prep needs to happen soon, and my family is starting to all migrate to me as it draws closer. I also have a lot of followup correspondence to do post ECCC, and I need to start thinking about Rose city now, and whether I can do it after baby is born.

Then there's the current painting, and I've been thinking about new youtube vids and stuff like that... I'm still not working fulltime, and although print sales are nice I want to start doing book covers, so I've been brainstorming ways to get my name out there and get the ball rolling on that.

But for now, here's a little bit of the new painting, still in process, which is really coming from a personal place of strength, determination and fighting self doubt right now. 

Watercolor practice

I may make my next painting a watercolor painting, or I may start with watercolor and then paint over it digitally. I'm a little rusty, so I'm getting some practice in with elements that will be in the painting. Crappy picture, because phone+watercolor+nighttime = bad photo.

Master study finished

Been working on this Howard Pyle master study for a few days in my spare time, I think I'm gonna leave it for a while. There's some unfinished areas, but I'm happy with it. I LOVE the colors in Howard Pyle paintings, it's hard to find those happy accidents when you're working digitally, it's like we have too much control. This is why I've always liked the palette feature in corel painter, I kind of wish photoshop had something like it, it allows for random color mixing, and discovery of new colors.

New kids book spread

Just finished the last spread for my kids book in progress. (not the last spread I will do, but chronologically the last spread of the book) It feels good to get this one done because there were some challenges involved in it. Next up will be a painting based on a scene from Locke Lamora... I THINK. Unless I pick one of my sketches instead. Anyway enjoy. This will be up on my print shops as well.


So... I found out what I'm having. It's such a relief to find out honestly, it's natural to pick one or the other and staying neutral is so hard to do for so long and now that it's known I can just KNOW. I decided to announce it with a quick drawing, so enjoy! Also I have to finish my next painting this weekend, and the long doctor's visit has left me tired so this will be a challenge.

More master study progress pics!

I know, it's another one, and it doesn't help that I've been working on this slowly. I'm also doing one of my kids book spreads and I designed a coin for a military friend of mine. It's been a surprisingly productive week considering I also find myself trying to chaperone my son's Battle of the Books team. Crazy life. Good life, but crazy life.

There are actually 3 other designs for the coin but I like this one the most. I don't think he's gonna pick this one though, as it doesn't have many of the images associated with his command.


I see a behavioral therapist right now, my hospital provides it free while I'm pregnant and it's been really nice. I got an assignment from her, which was to illustrate my ambition and perfectionism. More specifically the negative aspects of my self inflicted obligations. I liked how it turned out, we'll see what she thinks tomorrow.