Crawfish and Louisiana

Hey guys. I just got back from a trip to my hometown, which I haven't visited in over 10 years. I saw many family members that I hadn't seen face to face in a decade and it was all very wonderful and emotional and an interesting way to start off a new year. I saw the place I lived from birth until about 5 years old (my grandparent's house) and basically soaked myself in memories for 9 straight days. Also my cousin got married.

While there I did a little sketching which you can see on my facebook or twitter but mostly I spent time with people, and ate a lot of crawfish. Almost 5 pounds of crawfish. I love crawfish guys. SO MUCH.

I'm back today so Etsy shipments are back to normal and my print shop is back up and running again and I'm back to doing sketches. Here's today's: 

They're so weird looking, but they taste SO GOOD.