BABY and rose

I did it. I had my baby two days ago. Post partem so far is... eventful. And there is definitely some kind of mental shift happening that feels permanent. I think most women who have gone through labor will know what I'm talking about, but it's also difficult to write about without feeling like I'm opening the window into my life just a little too wide. Things are good. Baby is good, and I'm good.

I painted something today, which is the first thing I've drawn in a while. Third trimester brings a head fog that made is very difficult to do anything, and I can feel it starting to clear. This was an attempt to just break out of baby baby baby all the time, just for a few minutes.




My husband started a new job at Nike. In his office, there's a huge poster of Ronaldo from when he played for United. He's my favorite soccer player to make fun of. I like him, but as a Barcelona fan it's too easy to make fun of his expressions while he's in a game, and I found the super serious "look how cool he looks" poster funny considering how he usually looks on my television. So I did a sketch.

kids book spread progress

I'm sick guys. It's the worst. Being 7.5 months pregnant and having a head cold is not highly recommended. BUT! There's still work to do, and I have to do something while drinking a crazy amount of tea so hopefully I can get this spread done this week. Rough start to the week.

Today's sketches. The first are a set of dragons I did while at my son's jiu jitsu class. I'm kind of happy with one of these, and may turn it into an illustration.

Also went to my husband's soccer game, so I got some gestures in. These are always tough cuz the players are actually moving around kinda quick, so I have to try to remember the position and get it down before I forget what they're arms and legs were doing.

And I'm doing spread 2 for the kids book. This one I'm excited about because it's a lot of detail I think will be fun.

Crocodile gardener


It doesn't entirely feel like it yet, but still... I'm excited. I'm ready.

I was trying to straighten out my backyard, and then saw a reddit post about some guy who got attacked by an alligator. Also my mom is driving to me from my home state of Louisiana (which has lots of alligators) and somewhere in my head a cocktail formed when I sat down to sketch and a reptilian gardener came out. Enjoy!