New patreon post

Working on my assignment for the scbwi conference. To find out more about the conference and the Society of Childrens Book Writers and Illustrators, look Here.

I put a longer video up on the patreon, and I'll post up the painting here in my portfolio when it's done. I'm proud of it so far. You can become a patron for just $1 a month, and get to see all this cool stuff I'm posting. Plus you get to support me and my storytelling ideas, and that's cool too. 

Today's sketches. The first are a set of dragons I did while at my son's jiu jitsu class. I'm kind of happy with one of these, and may turn it into an illustration.

Also went to my husband's soccer game, so I got some gestures in. These are always tough cuz the players are actually moving around kinda quick, so I have to try to remember the position and get it down before I forget what they're arms and legs were doing.

And I'm doing spread 2 for the kids book. This one I'm excited about because it's a lot of detail I think will be fun.